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Paint Protection

As a certified member of the worldwide CarPro Cquartz Certified Installer network. I can offer some of the worlds finest ceramic Cquartz coatings.

As a Tier one Cquartz Certified Installer. Both CarPro Cquartz Finest Reserve, and CarPro Cquart Proffessional can be applied to your cars exterior painted surfaces.

Cquartz Finest Reserve Protection. From £350 per vehicle**

Cquartz Proffesional Protection. From £250 per vehicle**

Koch Chemie 1K Nano Polymer Protection. From £200 per vehicle **

Fusso Coat Polymer Protection. From £100 per vehicle **

Exterior Protection

CarPro Cquartz protection is also offered for alloys wheels, exterior unpainted plastics, windscreen and side glass, front grilles, all brightwork, seals, head and tail lights etc. Pretty much the whole of the exterior can be CarPro ceramic / glass coated with a suitable CQUARTZ product.

Koch Chemie Nano protection products are also offered for exterior unpainted plastics, windscreen and side glass.

** All of the above proces exclude charges used for car preparation, prior to paint protection application. They also exclude the cost of CarPro/Koch Chemie chemicals used in the preparation of your vehicle, should any dealer applied polishes need removing from new cars.

Interior protection is also available including CarPro CQUARTZ for leather, plastics and vinyl's. Also available are Koch Chemie's leather and interior polymer sealants.

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